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Dear Nausea,

Posted Aug 14 2009 5:50pm
Holy crap, Nausea.

You have forced me to stop what I am doing and sit down and take deep breaths 4 times this morning. You have me on the verge of running to the porcelain god so I may bow down before it.

You have me anxiously figuring out if I will have to tell my boss today that I am pregnant while also figuring out if I could be quiet enough or muffle the sounds so he doesn't hear.

You have me wondering how I will make it all weekend at this conference we are going to in Biloxi at the Beau Riv.age without up-chucking in front of J's co-workers.

Why is eating my goldfish all of sudden not working? What changed from yesterday when I was thinking, "It appears that the nausea has really subsided" to today? I know my numbers are increasing, but you are not working with me. Could you have held off until closer to 6 weeks? When I feel more comfortable telling the boss and our extended families?

I guess this little conversation will not help anything, but if you have any compassion will you please let this weekend pass without me throwing up in front on any of J's colleagues.

Thank You,

P.S. I am sorry if I ever doubted that I may be pregnant and had a fleeting thought that I wanted more symptoms (please blame that on the pregnancy hormones, not me)
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