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Day 3 IVF scan

Posted Feb 15 2011 3:51pm
I had another trip to London yesterday.  Lots of small things went wrong, though they are mostly sorted out now.

Blood for the Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) team
On the way to the station, I stopped to pick up a parcel from the sorting office.  It was a blood test kit from the PGD team.  I was supposed to get a local nurse to take the blood on 14th and then post the blood to the PGD team to arrive the next day.  But it was already the 14th and I was on my way to the station to catch my train to London (with the kit) and Steve was at work. 

I called Steve to tell him to book an appointment for himself for the next day (as he didn't have the kit, he couldn't try and do it any earlier), which would mean his blood would arrive a day late.  I couldn’t get hold of any one in the PGD team though by email or phone.  I sent three emails to different people to try and check it would be fine to be a day late.  I was really worried that it would be a problem, as the PGD team are always very specific about exactly which day the blood is required.

I was an hour early for my appointment, as I have to book my train tickets on a working day to get the cheap ones.  On Friday, I didn’t know for sure that I would have an appointment on Monday.  I took a gamble and booked a train ticket anyway.  The gamble paid off, but meant I was far too early for my appointment.
Scan was absolutely fine and I was declared ready to start the IVF.

Fire alarm
Next there was a fire alarm and we all had to go and wait outside.  There was no fire, so no big deal, but it caused a delay. 

Appointment with the nurses
I went to see the nurses, which seemed to take forever as there was a lot to sort out!
  • I was given a pile of consent forms, which I have to take away, read and sign.  Even though I get them every cycle, I still read each form before I sign it, in case they have changed anything.
  • I handed in my HIV and Hep B/C results.
  • I was shown how to do my injections (even though I have done it lots of times).  Last time I was shown was a long time ago, so I was surprised about being offered a demonstration today.  I was glad though, as I always find it hard to get the air bubbles out, without wasting any medication.  It gave me the opportunity to ask about this.
  • I picked up my treatment schedule, medication, needles, syringes etc.
  • I still haven’t had a Chlamydia or cervical swab taken so the nurse organised for that to be done at my next scan.
  • The hospital say they haven’t got my ECG results in the notes, but I definitely posted the report to them.  Remember this post , when I was pleased with myself for remembering. Luckily, I think I took a photocopy.
  • The nurse took my blood for the PGD team.  It went a bit wrong and I had to hold the needle in my own vein.  I was very brave!
  • The nurse told me that it was fine if Steve's blood was a day late for the PGD team.

Treatment schedule
So I have just one more appointment this week.  The new treatment schedule means I have a slightly delayed egg collection (because my period was a couple of days late).  Other than that, everything seems to be going fine.

I have just done my first IVF injection.  I will write a post about injections next.

I just had a call from Mr. Serhal the medical director at CRGH.  He wanted to check we are ok with being filmed for the documentary. We have to go and sign some consent forms when we are down for an appointment.
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