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Day 1 in vitro fertilisation (IVF) scan

Posted Feb 12 2011 1:23pm
After discussion with the lady who did my scan, I decided day 1 of my cycle is actually today because my period didn’t arrive properly until about tea time yesterday.  If it arrives after 1pm you count the next day as day 1.  This means we are two days behind schedule not one as I originally thought.

Today’s scan
CRGH was busy today!  I wouldn’t have thought it would be on a Saturday.  I waited an hour for my scan.  Presumably they have fewer staff there on a Saturday, so perhaps that is part of the reason why the wait was longer than usual. 
I wasn’t expecting to have a scan today.  It just shows, even though I have done this a lot of times, it is still easy to forget what happens at each part of the process.  The purpose of today's scan was to check my womb lining is thin, and that there are no cysts on the ovaries.  My ovaries are fine and the womb lining is thin as it should be, but there was some fluid on my womb lining.  Hopefully it is nothing, but it means I have to go back for another scan, before I get given my medication and start my injections.
Here is a picture of my womb.  It isn't very clear, but you can see the black circle at the bottom left of the white line in the middle.  The black circle is the fluid.  I think the white line is the endometrium (my womb lining).

So we are already two days behind schedule because my period was late.  I wonder if the fluid will cause any further delays?   I can’t imagine it would. 
I will be surprised if my egg collection actually happens on the day it is currently planned for though.  We will have to wait and see.  IVF appointments can only ever be pencilled into your diary as they change all the time.  All other plans that I make at the moment come with a caveat, that I may have to rearrange at the last minute.
Back at home
Sounds like Steve and Dexter had lots of fun shopping, playing in a play centre and then visiting my sister and her family.  I hate it when Steve is off work and I have to go to London.  He doesn’t get much time off, so when he isn’t at work I like us to do something together as a family.  It is nice for Dexter to have some time on his own with his Dad though.  I was back in Sheffield quite early today, so we had time to go to the park.

Further information:

A blog post about the Endometrium by Dr Licciardi

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