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Date of conception

Posted by 4babygirl

Please help, trying to figure out date of conception.  My last period was on August 1, 2009.  I had intercourse on August 19,September 3, 6, &17, 2009.  Doctors say Im due on May 27, 2010.  I'm 15.2 wks preg as of Dec. 5, 2009. please help thank you.My calculations seems to be off somewhere because I'm not getting any correct dates.

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Conception happens a few days after sex.  What was the average length of your cycles before you got pregnant?

Were they regular? 

These answers would help me help you narrow down the options.

My average length in my cycles are 32 days and yes they are always regular.

Tell me if you remember:

Was there any sort of stress, illness, medications, herbal suppliments that you were taking in the first half of your cycle?

It looks as though based on your due date the best possible date for conception would either be the intercourse on the 3rd or the 6th. 

The 19th is too early based on your due date.

Did they date you from your last missed period or from your ovulation date?

Im not sure what they dated my due date based off of.  but I thought u ovulate 14 days from your  period.  according to my ultrasound as of Dec 5, 2009 I am 15.4 weeks.   There wasn't any illness, medications or any herbal suppliments that I was taking at the time.  But I went to a website and I entered all my information and only one website said that it was August 19, 2209 and the rest said the first week in September.  Im just so confused.

A day 14 ovulation date is purely the medical standard and doesn't take into account any one of the many things that can influence a woman's cycle-- not to mention that there aren't that many women who fit the medical standard.

 Can you answer my first question to you please? That would help 

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