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Daddy felt his first baby kick

Posted Jul 28 2009 11:51pm
For almost two weeks now (since 16w5d) I've been in denial about feeling the baby kicking. At first, I wasn't sure if it was gas or movement, though the sensation was very low. Then the sensation kept occurring in the same location ... a tap, tap, tap. Honestly, it FELT like gas moving through my system ... only in the wrong spot. I would tell Berilac that I think I felt the baby move, but I wasn't sure. People would ask if I've felt the baby move and I would tell them "I think so, I'll let you know for sure in a few weeks when I can confirm that the feelings I've been feeling line up with undeniable baby movement."

I went from feeling exclusive taps to a flutter or a swoosh sensation. Then, although the sensations stayed the same, they moved up my stomach to just under my belly button. I started to enjoy the experience so much that I started putting my hand on the outside of my belly in an attempt to "catch" the little one moving ... and I started to feel the movement simultaneously on the inside and the outside - I got so excited. For the past few nights I've been forcing Berilac to gently place his hand on my lower stomach and maintain stillness ... last night, when it seemed as if the baby was very active there we sat in the assumed position, and at the exact same moment Berilac and I looked at each other asking "did you feel that?" ... I haven't seen us grin so big in ages.

Now we look forward to watching the movements on the outside of the belly!


To keep you posted on upcoming appointments: we have our 19w appointment on Friday and our "big scan" on 8/10. I can't wait to say that we are half way!
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