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Posted Feb 13 2011 12:00am
If anyone is still out there and checking in, I'm sorry for the *crickets* for the past month and a half. Truth be told, I needed a break from writing while I was, uh, writing for work. There's only so much copy in this head of mine!

But I don't feel completely ready to shut it down. After all, this blog has been the most amazing place to capture the kidlet's moments, and to get great advice. And I miss both.

So here's a Coles notes version of what's up with the kidlet and our lives these days
* She's 2.5 now, still loves to sing, and one of her fave words right now is "No!" (you can watch the clip of us on The Marilyn Denis Show last month to see what I mean)
* What she can say, and how she thinks about the world around her, amazes us daily. Like the other day, when she saw an airplane flying in the sky and told us it was probably heading to the airport. I know that may not seem like a big thing. But we've never really talked about how airplanes land at airports. There's real logic involved in that thought. Every day it's something new. Amazing.
* Parenting feels harder these days. Maybe it's because it's winter, which means we've been down for the count with a bunch of viruses. But she's testing boundaries, and longing for independence, and there are daily battles. Now I know all of this will serve her well in the future, but man, it's exhausting!
* She had her first haircut. And like the little girl she is, she loved every second of the primping and said "yeah!" when they asked if she wanted the pink wash-out dye and sparkles. oh boy...
* We had our first family ski trip and she did awesome for her first time on skis...although the magic carpet ride to the top of the bunny hill *may* have been her favourite part of skiing this year.
* She's still growing like a weed, and everyone who meets her thinks she's at least 3. Guess we'll see how tall she ends up...
* We are really (really) looking forward to spring. It means the germs will die out for another year, and we have some fun stuff planned. Like another 1/2 marathon for the parents, a trip to Maine for a family wedding, and finally, a visit to Victoria to see Gran, Granpa and the Muir-Brown clan. Exciting stuff coming up - just need to get at least one more ski weekend in before the snow melts away...

Hope everyone is doing great. Happy 2011!
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