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Count your blessings!

Posted Nov 22 2012 12:00am
Thankful for the love of my life! :)
We had a great Thanksgiving around here. Ever since before we had kids, this is what I imagined our holidays to be like: enjoying family time. And this year, it really was. Not dominated by screaming & vomiting infants or toddlers smearing gravy in each others hair and attempting to crawl into the fire place :) Today was the first Thanksgiving we've had with the girls that was entirely civilized and pleasant. Even though they didn't nap, they played well with their cousins, loved time with Bjorn's extended family, and the day was a really good combination of kid and adult time. I'll have to remind myself next year when I'm most likely thrown way back into the madness of toddlerhood that it only took 3.5 short years, and now they seem already all grown up :) As I'm thinking back to the 3 previous Thanksgivings we've had with the girls, I am reminded of the incredible blessing it is to watch them grow up. This truly is a time for us to count our blessings.
Amaya and Cousin Elias, hiding in their little corner :)
Liana, enjoying story time with Cousin Emily
Enjoying the fire place (finally without having to worry about one of our kids crawling into it!)
Playing "Loaded Questions" after dinner

I will also admit, however, that I thought about our future son today, wondering how he is spending this day - whether in an orphanage or maybe with a family unable to care for him. And I think of the many, many more orphans who are spending this holiday season without a family, and it tugs it my heart. So while this is a time for us to give thanks for the many ways in which we have been blessed, it is also a time to remember those who are less fortunate.
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