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Could this happen?

Posted by nebula

I've been taking Ortho Tri Cyclen for about 9 months now. I'm 21, don't use a condom, and my boyfriend always pulls out. I never miss taking pills and I haven't missed a pill this month. One day I accidently took it around 2 hours late but I don't believe I had sex during or soon after that time. I still took it in the same day. I also haven't taken any medicines that would change the effectiveness of the birth control. About a week to when my period should show up I started having cramps and breast soreness. (Normal) Except I noticed a few blue veins around my breasts that I haven't noticed before. Today, 3-4 days before my period should start, I noticed slight brownish pink spots on my underwear and more cramps. I've also been really irritable, which I usually am before I start my period. I'm just wondering what could cause this and if I should be worried about being pregnant. I've never "spotted" before my period before. I'm making my self sick worrying about this. Please help...
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youll probably get your period its common to spot before your period but if it still does not come then take a test youll be fine hun best of luck :D
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