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could taking a progesterone suppository help you stay pregnant, maybe when you should naturally miscarry?

Posted by starhrh

I had a miscarrage.  My doctor perscribed a progesterone suppository for me to take at ovulation time and through most of the pregency.  Would taking such a thing keep a pregnecy when Mother Nature would normally terminate the pregnecy if something were wrong?
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well....first...are you confirming ovulation before you begin the progesterone supps?  What method are you using?


With most assisted reproductive tech's the doctor should be doing a progesterone draw for progression purposes. The reason is so that they can see if the numbers are doubling correctly- which is a sign that the pregnancy is healthy.  If those numbers aren't doubling (which happens when there is something wrong) as they should then there isn't any reason to continue on the progesterone.


does that answer your question?

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