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Could it be implantation bleeding or something else?

Posted by jdsso

 I am like clock work when it comes to my period.  The first days of my period previous months: Sept 3 Oct 3 and Nov 4 for 3-4 days each.  I am about 2 weeks late and this evening started light pink and brown spotting.  I have taken a few at home tests and all neg. My previous pregnancy all tests including blood test came back neg until I was almost 8 weeks pregnant and  I can't remember if I had spotting at the beginning of my pregnancy or if it was before.  I am really anxious now and am just wondering if anyone has or knows of anything.  Thanks so much!
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If you have a history of your body not metabolizing hCG into your urine then I would say that you have to go back to the blood beta test.

But this time- instead of a positive/negative ask them what the number is.  I say this because depending on the lab their hCG threshold for a positive can be higher than say another lab.  Example... and hCG of 30... most would say that is definitely positive- BUT hCG over 5 is also considered a positive (its the lowest value to determine a positive pregnancy test). 


Hope this helps

Thank you.  I actually called the dr office on Monday and they know what happened with my pregnancy last time (I actually switched drs after my first appointment previously) and told me to take another pregnancy test in a week and if still negative then I would go in if I have not started my period. 
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