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Could i still get pregnant?

Posted by Miss. Rosie

About four weeks ago i had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend and a week later i got my regular period, then after two weeks i started cramping, lower back pain, two days straight with heart burn (I dont get heartburns), i felt dizzy as well, and felt like vomitting, now i dont feel any of this symptoms but a little dizzy and headaches...are this symptoms of preganancy? Could i even get pregnant even if i had my period after i had sex? By the way i took a home pregnancy test and came out negative i believe it was too soon for me to take one, please help any one is please to leave a comment thanks in advance!
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You are most likely not pregnant. Assuming you got your normal period, you wouldn't be pregnant since menstruation is a shedding of the uterus. If you were pregnant your body wouldnt be shedding the uterus. Now sometimes implantation bleeding occurs, and some women mistake this for their regular period. 


Did you use any form of birth control when you had sex? Assuming you did, you drastically cut your chances of getting pregnant. Even if you didn't, there's no guarantee that you would be pregnant, although you've significantly increased your chances of pregnancy.


Nausea and vomitting are some symptoms of pregnancy, but that doesn't mean you have them because you're pregnant. Some women don't have any symptoms for a some time, while others go through a wide variety of symptoms very early on.


Did you take the home pregnancy test when it said to take it? Most tests usually say to test about two weeks after the last time you had intercourse because the test can't detect the human chorionic gonadoptropin (HCG) released by the empbryo before that time. The tests are pretty reliable, so if it says negative then there's a good chance you're not pregnant. If you're unsure you could always take another test, and talk to your doctor. They'll be able to give you a very accurate reading and explain anything that you need more information about. Hope this helps, good luck! 

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