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Could I have a cancerous molar pregnancy?

Posted by amy

I was diagnosed with a Blighted ovum oct.28. Decided to have the D&C oct.30

I bled for 2 weeks with spotting off and on until dec.6 when I hemmoraged.

went to hospital hcg levels 66 they suggested I had retained products of conception. My doc agreed & told me he was 99% sure I would be fine, however    I hemmoraged again (passing clots the size of my fist and larger)          this happened on dec.30. I had to have another D & C to stop the bleeding. hcg levels at this time were still at (11). I have had light bleeding since this D&C and have felt pretty bad ( heart palp., weak, heart beating in ears, mild cramps, hedaches.) To top it all off Jan 10 I passed a hard dry piece of tissue looking stuff. Kinda grey and dark red in color. What is it? What is wrong with me?


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I am so sorry that you are going through all of this but it is impossible to give the medical advice that you need in an e-mail. Please call and make an appointment with your OB or another specialist. You need to make sure that you are completely healthy from your past D&C.
I wish you all the best!
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