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Could I be pregnant?

Posted by nspin87

Hi There, 

 So here is my story. I stopped BC 10/29 and got my period exactly 28 days later on 11/26. I usually feel slight twinges when I am ovulating and felt those about 14-16 days after my last period and my husband and I ad intercourse around that time. Anyways, I am now on day 29, my period should have come today or yesterday and I have no sign so far. In addition, I had slight cramping on and off a few days ago but nothing to severe. Now, i developed this rash that started yesterday on my right hand and has now traveled to my two arms and my stomach and still no period. I took a pregnancy test this morning (which was the day or second day of my expected period and it was negative). I am just wondering, since I read that you can develop rashes during pregnancy, if it is possible to develop a rash prior to a positive pregnancy test and if I could still be pregnant even after the negative result (I've also felt slight nauseous  but it could be anxiety and my breasts feel completely normal). Let me know what you think! :)  

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