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could i be pregnant

Posted by itsajen812

my last period started may 9 and ended the 18. I been sorta crampy and just feel different, my husband said i been bitchy and asked me are you pregnant. I don't know, my nipple have been sore on and off, i've been tossing and turning at night, my lower back hurts, i don''t know if this is pms or pregnancy symptoms. I already have a 2 year old boy. My period are irregular so I don't know exactly how long my cycles but Ido know i usually have 2 weeks between period, so a soon as I am done bleeding 2 weeks later I start bleeding again and my periods usually last 8+ days. So my period should be coming soon I think, but since they are irregular would it be to early to test
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I suggest that you either take a first response home pregnancy test or call your OB for a blood test. Good Luck!
Sharon LaMothe
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