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could i be pregnant?

Posted by just me

i am almost two months late but the home and doctor tests have all said im not pregnant..i would really like to know how to determine if im pregnant or just late for some reason..someone help!!??
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Have you been under any unusual stress lately? 

Did the doctor give you a urine or blood test?

I am wondering why your doctor hasn't taken action as you are so late... at least to Rx you some progesterone (after testing neg again- should you get another test from the doc) so you can end this cycle.  

 It is worth asking about to ease your mind

i havent been under anymore stress than usual. with my job there is always somethin new going on. the doctor done a blood test a month ago and it was neg. yet i decided to get another just two days ago and im still waiting on the results. i have read up on different symptoms and i seem to keep relyin on the fact of being pregnant. but there is always the negative test. so im still unsure. id just really like to have a yes or no answer ya know.. i was about to post this comment when my boyfriend (who just ate supper and some donuts) sat down in front of me and is once agian eating somethin else..this is rare for him to do..could that be a symptom that he is getting instead of me do you think???

When you get the results back make sure that they give you a number...meaning HCG less than 5 or greater than.  Most doctors will have a number threshold where the answer goes from negative to positive. 

That is better than a simple yes/no answer. 

If it is negative again then I would strongly suggest that you speak to your doctor about provera/progesterone to end this cycle. 

As a side note: what cycle day are you on? 

im not sure exactly but i calculated it up and i will be app. 2 months late next week..
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