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Could I be pregnant??

Posted by AFRODITE75

Hello! Here's the story:

I had unprotected sex on the 18th of July but I am on birth control pills for almost five years ( I am 24 years old). On the 29th I did a pap smear that turned out to be "ubnormal" but my doctor said that it was due to fluid/liquid I had more. On the 1st of August I started feeling dizzy, having nausea, being tired and really weak, my face was much more oily and my period (12th of August) lasted only two days instead of 4 usually and it was not the same heavy and with no clots/tissue as always. After two weeks I did 2 pregnancy tests at home, and a week later one blood test in a hospital but all were negative.  All these symptoms stopped after three weeks and I had only some headache and backache( really down in my back) and some annoyance (not pain) in my lower tummy with a feeling of swelling. I was again on the birth control pills. My next period (after three weeks of the above mentioned - September 2nd) lasted four days but the three of them was blood (no tisssue again) only when going to bathroom or wipping. A week ago I did a urine test in a lab for pregnancy but it was negative again.  Now, September 15, I still feel my tummy and (now) the lower part of my stomach like swelling but indeed, the area around my belly button is swollen a little bit with no pain or itching. Sometimes I feel my lower back having a mild pain, my skin is still too oily, my hair don't have the volume it used to, and since yesterday I am feeling my abdominal lips itching.

I don't really know what all these could be, but because my upper tummy has swollen and my periods were not regular I am really afraid of an undetected pregnancy. May be it's something else but  all the further tests I made to check my health (blood tests, urine tests and XRAY) did not show anything(were clear). Even the cysts I used to have, now have disappeared!!!

 Can you please help me?? what could it be?? What should I do more?? 

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This is an old question...did you find out that you were pregnant?


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