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Could I be pregnant ?

Posted by monir1430

so me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex and decided to use the pull out method. I was suppose to come on my cycle one saturday but started bleeding that Friday before. the very very light bleeding lasted for about 7-10 days it was a littl wierd because I last6-7 days normally and it is kind of heavy with cramps then it stopped for about 2day me and him chose to have sex again withing the two days and after that I started to bleed heavy for about for more days still no cramps . that's when I started getting worried so I took a hpt results came out negative but I still had a gut feeling that I might have been prego. About 2weeka later me and him had started having unprotected sex again but nothing was happening then one Sunday we had unprotected sex in the shower an he came I asked him where did he come and he said in the water. so I didn't really think anything of it then the next day I started cramping so I was thinking maybe it was time to come on my cycle but it wasn't like period cramps it was more so irritating than anything. The cramps lasted about a week straight so I started to get worried again. that was about 2weeks ago now yesterday I started bleeding like brownish blackish blood but nothing major just very very little blood then today mar 19/13 I started bleeding a little bit more. through this whole experience I have been experiencing nausea and vomiting sometimes weak tired a little bit more hungry then usual my abdominal area has been a little bit harder than usual bloated and I haven't been able to keep all my spit in my mouth. and I also have been constipated and feeling like I have had a cold .one more thing my period is very regular. so what do you think?
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