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Could I be pregnant?

Posted by mandydawn5690

Hi I'm 22 years old. i have already had my period november 27-29 its unusual to last only three days when it usually lasts a week. i had unprotected sex December 2 and since the day after which is December 3 i have had cramps everyday and they are like pms cramps (i dont start till December 24), so far i have had cramps, headaches, dizziness, increased appetite, peeing a lot since yesterday, constipation, bloating, and i feel bubbles in my belly all the time, i cant lay on my belly when i used to sleep like that i cant now, acne, cotton mouth like i always have to have something to drink because my mouth is so dry, i also have a thick white discharge it dont smell and it dont make me itch it also just started 3 days ago, and i have already taken a pregnancy test at the clinic and it was negative but the nurse said it was still too soon the tell i mean i feel pregnant but im not sure so my question is could i be pregnant?
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