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could i be pregnant ??

Posted by baygurlll

ohkay so i got my period nov. 20-24th i think.. so the last time i had unprotected sex was the 24th of november. i made sure i was completely done with my period. Then december 6th or 7th i got white discharge all day !? after than i had slight cramping & now sine the 9th or 10th my breast have been extremely sore !? especially my nipples they are beyond tender.. & now my cramps just keep getting heavier as the days go by ... idk i deff don't want to be prego but i feel like iam ! apparently im so moody according to my boyfriend. & lastly i have never been so tired in my entire life i swear every chance i get im sleeping ! im constantly yawning even when i have a full 8hours of sleep ? thats never happened before.. my period isn't due till the 20TH of december tho.... so why am i getting all these symptoms now ?! none of this makes sense to me.. ikno my body i always get these symptoms a day or two before my period & they are NEVER this bad & this early ?!?! SOMEONE With EXPERIENCE PLEASE HELP !!
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