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Could I be pregnant ??

Posted by Loula2012

I was on family planning and was not very constant on that ,i went for an injection in May then next appointment date was 13 June *I didnt go*I had my normal 3days perios on the 13-15July then I went on family planning again on the 17July and that was the last.August I didnt have period*I assumed  it was because of the injection*september no period until 29 september I had a brownish discharge which was followe by  light bleeding the next day,the bleeding was only visible when i wiped.carried on with my normal panty lines instead of is now the fourth day and its still very light pinkish.

I had nausea which was only for that day,I sometimes feel a rise in my temperature to such an extent that breathing seem to make it worse*its like im making myself more warm by just breathing*I have been having unprotected sex with my fiance*dont know how many times*I did pregnancy test early in september and it was negative....I dont know whats wrong with me

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