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Could i be pregnant?

Posted by nina123

16months ago i had my third little boy. 3months after i had him i had my smear test, which came back abnormal. Having my results come back as abnormal really hit me hard, i started panicking and thinking that i had cancer (daft i know). Since then two more have come back as abnormal, and my most recent one has come back fine. During all of this i started to suffer from health anxiety, everyday i thought something serious was wrong with me and that i was dying. Only a couple of weeks ago i had the courage to go to the doctor for some hlp cause i was making myself ill, and my periods had become irregular. I used to have a 30 day cycle and the longest its been is 35 days. After going to the doctor and being diagnosed with health anxiety things have been so much better, i dont stress half as much and do a few excercises to keep my mind off any illness i think i may have. My last period cycle was 31 days. Now tho i am 7 days late for my period, i would usually put it down to stress but this feels different. It started a week around my period was due, both my boobs were so sore for about a week, then my period didnt show, now im peeing alot including through the night and just yesterday i started to get a mettalic taste in my mouth. Ive taken pregnancy tests but they've all come back negative. Ive also been having alittle trouble sleeping the last couple of nights, due to needing the loo and vivid dreams. Do you think i could be pregnant? It feels like all my other pregnancys, but i didnt have any symphtoms till later on in my pregnancy. If im pregnant now id be no more than 5 weeks, is it too early to have all these signs? Or is it all in my mind?? Would love to hear what you all think about it. Thanks x

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