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Could I be pregnant with these symptoms or is this likely to be something else such as constipation?

Posted by afrank028

My symptoms have included: constipation, headaches, light-headedness, major fatigue, upset stomach, and cramps occassionally occuring after my period.  

I have been worried that I am pregnant although I had what I believe is my period. My periods often skip and fluctuate however when I did get my period, there was a brownish discharge before it went on to be red. It occured the time between implantation bleeding would occur which is why I'm a bit skeptical on whether or not it was my usual period and if I could be pregnant.


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Implantation bleeding is more like spotting.  A full on flow would not be condusive to implantation. 


the symptoms you have listed sound like those one would occationally experience as the natural cycle goes along.  Especially in the last half of the cycle is when things get a bit murkier because the symptom are pretty much the same since it is caused by a rise in progesterone. 


As for if you could be pregnant.  I can't answer that because you haven't given me enough information.  Your average cycle length, do you know when you ovulate (and what detection method are you using?), timing (meaning if you had sex during your fertile time). 

As I said, my period often skips and fluctuates. I couldn't give you a solid answer for my average cycle. I fail to keep good enough track of it. As for ovulation, I'm further unaware of when I am or may be ovulating. In which case, I don't believe I can give you much more information. But thank you for your time in writing a reply to my question.

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