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Could I be pregnant? Is it normal to get a neg test result 6 days after my missed period?

Posted by crvnamanda

My husband has the Vasclip put on over five years ago. We have been together sexually for over four years and I have not gotten pregnant. Last month he got a lump down there and then I missed my period for Aug. I have not been late or missed a period in over four years. I have the nasua, the fever, the gas and bloating, I have the sore breast and well as a slight color change. I have had the cramps that felt like I was going to start and I didn't but those have quit now.  All of the signs are pointing toward pregnancy except the many hpts I have taken that all say neg. Am I taking them to early???
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No... today's home pregnancy tests are extremely sensitive.  Results are accurate five days before your missed period.


Pregnancy isn't the only reason for the symptoms you are experiencing.  You could have had a delayed ovulation (due to any stress you may have had during the first half of your cycle or medications taken or illness)- which would naturally push your cycles back. 

If you still feel as though you may be pregnant then I would suggest you go to your physican/GYN and request a blood beta be drawn.  At the same time they could also check for your progesterone levels (to see if you've ovulated this cycle). 


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