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Could I be pregnant after taking the Morning After Pill within 15hrs????

Posted by unlv07nn

Should I be worried? My boyfriend and I had sex 10 days ago, the condom broke and we didn't notice till the end (he didn't come inside me). Regardless, I took the MORNING AFTER PILL within 15hrs but now I am worried because my period is late. My last period was in the middle of August. I am very irregular and sometimes would miss my period for a month because I am stressed, lost or gained weight, or not sleeping well (going through all that now cuz I am worried shitless). I took two pregnancy tests already, one on Thursday and Friday and both came out NEGATIVE. I am very concerned and scared out of my mind of what could be! I have not noticed anything out of the ordinary expect that my nipples are slightly tender but my nipples are normally sore when my period is coming. How much longer should I wait till I take another pregnancy test?
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I've been in the same situation! One of the problems I had was I was so completely freaked out that I might be pregnant, things like that started happening. You stressing out is probably what is causing your period to be late.  The doctor I went to for the pill told me that if I took a test and it came out negative to trust it. Especially since you were so quick to get the pill the chances of you being pregnant were very slim so I wouldn't think about it again! 

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