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Could I be pregnant after 2 negative tests?

Posted by desperate for answers

My period is 11 days late, it is always on time, I took 2 test and they were negative, i have frequent headaches,lower backaches and some nausea but no vomiting my breast are not sore but sentive to the touch and i had unprotected sex from the 6th of may till this date everyday can someone please help!!!!!
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You may not necessarily be pregnant, but there is some chance that you could be. Some of the things you listed like the nausea, breast tendeerness and missed periods are symptoms of pregnancy. However just because you have some the symptoms of pregnancy does not mean that you are pregnant. Women can have any or none of the signs of pregnancy so it's hard to tell off of that alone.

 As far as your test go, you get a negative and still be pregnant. Tests work by detecting the HCG of the embryo. All tests have different sensitivites to this hormone, so while some may be able to detect it 10 days after conception, others might take about 2 weeks. If you've had sex within the window of time the test takes to detect HCG, it may be that you became pregnant too recently for the test to detect it. 

For example if a test takes two weeks to detect pregnancy after intercourse, but you had intercourse within the two weeks of taking the test it could come out negative but you could still be pregnant.

I'm not sure if you were using any form of contraception as that will decrease the chance (but no type can guarantee 100% protection). Hope this helps.

I would recommend that you go to your OB/GYN and get a blood test that would be the most accurate way of knowing.
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