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Could I be in the early stages of pregnancy? Or is something wrong?

Posted by Miss.E

I've always had regular ( never an unusual cycle) periods lasting a minimum of 4 days, with the 1st 24hrs being rather heavy every time. I got what I thought was my period 4 days ago (almost a week early) but it lasted 2 days (literally about or a little less than 48 hrs) and was very very light. The first 24hrs was about a quarter of the usual amount and it continued like that for another day. I bought and took a home pregnancy test but the results were a very very faint negative. I've never had a faint negative in the 2 previous times I used a test. Was it too early to tell? Or is something wrong with me? I looked it up online but I didn't see anything that said something might be wrong with me but I'm worried. Thank you.
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