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Could I be expecting twins?

Posted by mommy2day

Hello, I just hit the 34 week mark in my 6th pregnancy.  Since the beginning my husband & I have been wondering if we are having twins & so have many strangers and family members.  I have been to the doc for regular visits but he was soemwhat sidetracked due to his clinic going under from financial strain.  I am now with a new doc and have only had 1 appointment with him so far.  I had a vanishing twin (at 6 wks) with my 5th pregnancy but other than that all pregnancies have been healthy.  I had my routine 20 week ultrasound this time and everything appeared normal.  My measurements have been right on or 1cm large the entire time.  The only reason that we are curious is because of the extreme amount of movement that is coming from my belly!  I have 'kicking' on my belly button and far left side and also smaller 'kicks' in my right hip and side.  I have something hard (maybe the rump) up under my right rib.  The other night 'the baby' had hiccups but when we had our hand on my belly only the lump above my pubic bone was jumping but not the upper part of my belly.  Any insight?



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I think that the "tiny kicks" were probably hands LOL.  I have a friend who nicknamed her little girl Boxer because every time they had a U/S she was "sparring" (usually with a kidney or bladder).

Anyway, back on target, I think with today's technology they would have noticed there was an extra heartbeat in there, especially as you are at 34 weeks. You say that you are right on target as far as growth goes-which would also lead me to believe that there is only one in there.

If you think that it is a possiblity you could ask at your next appointment

Best of luck

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