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Could birth control (the shot) make you miss your menstrual cycle the first month using it?

Posted by jamn08

On July 16 I was suppose to come on my menstrual cycle and I didn't on July 15 I got "the shot" (birth control) and I wanted to know could  the shot be effective for you to miss your cycle the first time getting it because I have yet had my cycle and I wanted to know is it because of the birth control or am I pregnant
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Depo Provera is effective from the first day of the shot.  You should not have a menstrual flow while you are on it though you will have instances of break through bleeding over the first six months or so (that is how long it took for me to stop).

My doc also gave me a pregnancy test before every shot to make sure I wasn't pregnant and so would pass that advice along to you.  

Thks for the feed back but before I come on my menstrual I always have signs that I'm about to come on and I didn't this time that's why I've been so concern about it.
depo provera are not available here
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