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Control your genes and bubble wrap yourself from cancer. My interview with THE Bruce Lipton.

Posted Jun 25 2013 10:08pm

by mnfadmin on June 24, 2013

I'm not really the nervous type – but this interview had me wake up at 3:30am in a sweaty mess thinking I'd missed my alarm!  No more than 1.5 hours later, I got up at 5am to connect with the world renowned Dr Bruce Lipton .  Totally worth it!!  Bruce is the godfather of epigenetics – he's the man behind the proof that our thoughts can change our health and lead to wellness or illness.  He's won the Goi Peace Award (the Japanese equivalent of the Noble Peace Prize) and he has a bio that is taller than me.  He is one inspiring man and I was so blessed to be able to chat with him.

On the back of the recent Angelina Jolie story, I set about finding experts who could validate the concepts I put forward.  Bruce is the final link in this puzzle – he is the one that holds the ultimate evidence.  You must listen to this podcast today – you'll learn not only about cancer and fertility and access to success in all areas o wellness.  


Here's what you will learn today:

- Bruces background – in 1967 he discovered that stem cells responded to different environments. 

- how Bruce's theory was then validated – that our environment influences our genes and that genes control life.

- how our mind influences our health and wellbeing and by the same token, how it can make us really sick.  

- why influences like stress or fear affect the body – it makes our cells shut down to protect the body

- why long term shut down is disastrous and leads to illness and cancers.  Shutting down our growth and immune system opens us up to sickness and illness.  

- how this is relevant to ALL conditions including fertility

- thinking logically about fertility; so much energy is required to make a baby, when we are in this state of stress, our bodies are in shut down mode and because our bodies are SMART, we simply can't reproduce whilst in this state.

- why we can't simply bypass fertility and the key to reproductive success especially with IVF

- how our conscious mind (being present)  and subconscious minds (our habits) are the key to wellness – the conscious mind programmes the subconscious mind although we can't necessarily control our subconscious even though it is a million times more powerful

- how we run self sabotaging programs in our minds without realising it and how your subconscious mind could be leading you in the wrong direction (or the right direction) because 95% of the day we are operating with our subconscious

- that if we are only using our conscious mind 5% of the time, and the programming isn't good, we are running self sabotaging habits.  

- this leads to cancer because cancer is a chronic inflammation process – when the system isn't running to its healthy status.  Genes might give you propensity toward the breakdown but they have to be selected, activated and controlled for cancer to develop.  If we are programming to believe we are sickly, unlovable etc, that behaviour will control our genetics.  ie if we have anger and we can't express it.  That chemistry in the brain controls all the cells of the body.  

- it's not the genes causing the problem – it's lifestyle!

- having the gene doesn't mean you have the cancer

- how it's all about the placebo affect

- how the 'no-cebo affect' is affecting us.  It has the same power as a positive thought but works in the opposite direction

- why cutting out the tissue won't save you from cancer

- so for Angelina Jolie (or anybody in her situation) if she maintains her belief that her genes control her life and continues to live the same lifestyle, then by definition she must have the surgery because she is predicting the cancer before it has even happened.  And her brain will release chemicals to match this which will influence such tissues to develop.

you are more powerful that you may believe

Find out more about Bruce and all the books he has written on his site here .  Connect with him on twitter and too!

And that book that he mentions – here are the details.  Dying to be me, by Anita Maugani (Bruce talks about this book in the interview) experienced a turn around from cancer in 4 days simply by changing her belief.  4 DAYS!

Tell me what you think?  If thoughts are just thoughts – how are yours influencing your life? 

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