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Posted Apr 25 2009 12:39am

I googled "What do contractions feel like?" here are some of the answers:

1. The only way that I can describe a contraction is like an orgasm or an ocean wave.

2. Like the most severe period cramps you could ever imagine.

3. Contractions feel like somebody taking a very wide hot belt and wrapping it around your belly and squeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing the heck out of your stomach with the belt, making intense pressure and pain.

4. its like the worst cramp you could imagine, your stomach should tighten and you will feel pressure down there when you are really contracting. It can start around your back and wrap around

5. contraction felt like a STRETCHING that started at my belly button and wrapped around to both of my sides. THOSE were the obvious kinds and there WAS a pattern to them right away.

6. Labor contractions are felt low in the groin or in the lower back. They may radiate from front to back or back to front or down your legs. They are dull and crampy like menstrual or gas cramps.

Number 1 must be some kinda of granola hippy lady or something...really an orgasm and an ocean wave? I think more people would be avoiding epidurals if this were true!

The rest of the answers suggest it feels like a menstrual cramp but worse and that it kinda wraps around you. There is also a lot of talk about stomach tightening.

So the things I have been experiencing since last night, may just be contractions then!

They start in my lower back, wrap around into a menstrual cramp kinda feel and the lower stomach portion gets all tight. I am anxious to say this could be the start of early labour, cause I don't want to jinx anything, but maybe I will say a tiny, slight "yay!" and be done.

We enter now into another weekend of suspense. Will she go into labour? Will her water break in some awesomely embarrassing fashion that will have you laughing for hours? Will she go through another whole weekend causing the whole world to hold its breath only to be still pregnant on Monday?

Ohh the drama. Stay tuned for updates.

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