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Contraception during the Postpartum period

Posted Jul 23 2009 11:06pm
I know that when I was initially postpartum, especially when I was feeling my worst and then in the few months following that, I was unable to "go there" emotionally or physically. However, that is not the case for all women, in fact some may re-institute a physical intimacy with their partner in order to have a sense of normalcy or connection to their former life if they are having trouble adjusting to motherhood. There are many myths and misconceptions regarding birth control/pregnancy after childbirth. Women who are experiencing postpartum mood disorders are at special risk of becoming pregnant again because of the extra stress they are experiencing and the fact that their decision making capabilities may be compromised by this. It is recommended that women wait an entire year before becoming pregnant again so that the body can return to its pre-pregnancy state, which often takes up to a year. This article provides some facts and suggestions for women regarding pregnancy prevention postpartum. It is really important that ALL women, even those breastfeeding, take appropriate measures to prevent unwanted pregnancy during this time. PPD that leads directly into Antepartum Depression during an unintended pregnancy can further complicate a woman's mental health.

New moms have specific contraceptive needs. They want birth control that is effective, simple to use, can be used over a long period of time, and allows for sexual spontaneity. An important question often asked by new moms is, “How soon after giving birth do I need to start using birth control?” Usually, doctors recommend that birth control be started six weeks after giving birth (if medically it’s okay to have sex) or when menstruation resumes. Breastfeeding does not prevent pregnancy, as many couples accidentally realize, so often couples use condoms until they decide on another form of birth control.

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