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Posted Oct 13 2009 10:06pm
A few posts ago an anonymous person left a link for a doctor in New York who specializes in endometriosis. I, having endometriosis, was curious and checked out the website. I read testimonial after testimonial about how wonderful this doctor is and how he made every single one of these women's dreams come true. Whether they were just suffering the pain or suffering both from the pain and the infertility, they only had nice things to say. (Of course no one is going to post bad things about themselves on their own website but whatever...)

So after reading through this website I found that this doctor has a different way of dealing with endometriosis. He does laporoscopic surgery but instead of using a laser he uses tiny scissors to carefully cut out the affected areas and then he repairs what needs to be repaired. According to his site this cuts down on the damage done to the tissues, especially those of the ovaries where our eggs hang out.

I wanted to know more so I sent an email hoping to get more information, and in the mean time I wanted to find out what my doctors think about this specific treatment. Now, let me take you back a bit... We ran a whole slew of tests to see if there was a reason for my past 2 failed pregnancies and all test came back normal. Dr. D then told me that he is sure my problems stems from the endometriosis. Okay, how? Well the endometriosis located close to, or on, my ovaries (he's assuming that is where it is located) and that is affecting the quality of the eggs that my ovaries produce. Making those eggs unable to develop past a certain point. When I asked him about another surgery to zap the endometriosis, he said that it would do more harm than good because the laser damages more tissue, leaving less tissue to produce eggs.
Is he right? Who knows? I trust him because has been a good doctor so far and seems to really care about his patients, about us. Plus, he seems to be genuine when he says that he is confident that we can have a successful delivery. Who wouldn't want to believe that?!

A couple of days ago, after I found out about the miracle doctor in NY, I ran into Dr. S at the hospital and used that opportunity to ask him what he thought of this miracle treatment for endometriosis. He looks confused for a moment then proceeds to tell me that-that is how they used to do surgery for endo before the laser was implemented. Hmmm... Oh and then he adds, that the surgery wouldn't do me any good because my problem is not because of endometriosis but because my ovaries produce low quality eggs (I am assuming he means because of the PCOS). I asked to make sure, told him that Dr. D said it was the endo. He didn't really answer and instead told me that if I wanted him to look into it further he would be more than happy to.

Now I am stumped! So what do I do? I email Dr. D and tell him about the amazing doc in New York that makes every pregnancy dream come true (did I say they got pregnant naturally... yea they didn't have to pay $18,000 for IVF.... don't know how much the surgery costs though..). He wrote back saying that it would not benefit me to have another surgery and IVF is my best route. Oh yea, he also told me to contact his office manager so that we could start the process. Uh Hello?!? Who said anything about starting the process... I wonder if he even knew who was emailing him. After a couple more emails, however, we cleared all that mess up. He was reminded that there is NO WAY we could do IVF right now.

But now I am confused! I can't have a baby because of the endometriosis.... I can't have a baby and it has nothing to do with the endometriosis.... which one is it? Plus, don't you think that if you have endometriosis, and it is causing infertility, miscarriages, pain, and more... wouldn't you want to get rid of it? I don't know if I even have very much of it. I do have pretty painful periods but in between I seem to be fine. Plus, when I had my first surgery back in 2005 I was told I had minimal endo. After almost 5 years I am sure I have more than I did, but we don't know how much. When you have a problem don't you try to fix it? Is it going to cause more problems if we do IVF again?

I have accepted that I have to do IVF to get pregnant. I accepted that after my failed attempts at IUIs. What I can't accept is that one doctor tells me one reason and the other tells me something different. If they don't know, then just tell me that!!
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