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Confessions Of A Hungry Pregnant Woman

Posted Feb 18 2010 8:48pm
First off, I love you. I sincerely love each and every one of you kind geniuses that commented on my last post that of course pregnancy weight gain should be calculated from where I started.

It is probably no shocker that the reason that I am asking is because [insert scary music here] my appetite is back. And it's hungry. And making up for lost time.

I have gained back almost all of the weight that I lost in the first trimester. I am still two pounds down from where I started but with the way I am eating lately, I will probably surpass that starting weight by around midnight tonight.

Now, here's the thing. My goal is a healthy baby. And gaining weight is a good thing. But gaining too much weight is not. So, I am really going to have to ask my doctor how it is medically counted.

I have certainly been indulging my appetite lately. After weeks of eating next to nothing and keeping very little down, now when I am hungry, I eat. I feel as if I am mostly making good choices. Fortunately, my pregnancy cravings are mostly for healthful things like apples, turkey sandwiches with havarti cheese and as many veggies as I can pile on, and ice cold water with lots of lemon slices in it. However, I do admit to eating a plate of chili fries the other day. I also have a weakness for pudding (I know, that is pretty random) and macaroni and cheese (which I don't make for myself, of course, but you know, Will likes it!).

So, I will continue on until my next appointment, trying to eat mostly well, and allowing myself the occasional splurge. And watching those numbers climb.

I cannot believe that we find out whether Sweet Pea is a boy or a girl in just a few short days. Our names are all picked out and we are leaning toward not keeping it a secret this time around. So it will be a big reveal on Monday!!
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