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Coincidence or budding artist?

Posted Apr 30 2010 12:00am
I'll preface this post by saying I'm TERRIFIED of spiders. No real idea why. They just creep me out and I like to keep at least a 5 ft space between us. The , on the other hand, thinks spiders are AWESOME and I need to make sure I don't pass my crazy along to her.
So my sis and , knowing my well, gave me this

It's essentially a bug catcher (for kids) that uses air to gently suck the bug into the clear, plastic tube where you can keep them to (safely) observe before releasing them to the wild again. So last night a big spider was crawling across our basement wall. ! The spotted it and shouted "!" and I jumped about a foot, wondering if it was heading for my neck. Grateful for my new bug catcher, we scooped the little guy into the tube and I watched as the oohed and about the spider. We talked about his legs, his little () fangs, and how he likes to eat bugs.

She had been in the middle of drawing, her fave pastime, when she spotted the spider and after a few moments with the bug catcher she was back at it. So I said, "Why don't you draw mommy a picture of the spider?" She put her pen down, grabbed the catcher, too a good long look, and then started to draw. This is what she came up with

Am I crazy or do these little sketches look a lot like spiders?
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