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clomid and ovarian cysts

Posted by trying4baby

I am on clomid cycle days 5-9 100 mg. anyways the other morning i woke up from a dead sleep in extreme pain well i couldnt walk so i called my husband and then i went to the e.r. the e.r department later came in and said that i had a hemoretic or whatever ovarian cyst that ruptured and the fluid is laying in my pelvic area causing pain, well i went for a follow up appointment with the ob/gyn and he said that apparently the clomid is working because it did make me ovulate and that is what happen with the cyst and why it ruptured well anyways i asked for pain medication and they declined that so i have to deal with the extreme pain until my body absorbs the fluid, but one good thing he said was that since i did ovulate while on the 100 mg clomid that this is the dose i need to be on to get pregnant but there is a good chance that i am already pregnant now but of course it is to soon to tell so i have to wait until sept.2 but my question is... is it normal to have cysts rupture while on clomid and how long will the pain last? and will this happen every month while on clomid? I just can not deal with the pain without any medications lol  

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It doesn't happen for every women but it can happen.  By any chance are you polycystic?

There is a chance it could happen every month, there is also the possibility that it won't. Or maybe even come every couple of months. I have had several ovarian cysts, my first was when I was 17 years old, I am now 24. Since then, I have had 2 other ovarian cysts that have been detected, all roughly the size of a baseball or larger. I have had to have 2 operations to remove cysts, and 1 ruptured on me while I was working and I had to be rushed to the ER because of it. So I do understand your pain. Do you currently have any children or are you trying for your first? Good news is, I already have 1 child and am trying for number 2. With my first child, I got pregnant with no problems within 3 months of trying. Now with number 2 I have been trying for almost 1 year, and have been told that lack of success is because I am not ovulating regularly which could be the cause for my past history with ovarian cysts. Ovarian Cysts are caused by mature eggs not being released and therefore they gather and collect ontop of the ovary and form a cyst. I am on my first cycle of Clomid as well in order to have success with ovulation and become pregnant. All I can say is good luck to you and to help with the pain, try a warm bath or a heating pad on your stomach. You can also try OTC pain relivers, I recommend Ibuprophen, but if you believe you are pregnant, than I would go with Tylenol because it's the only OTC pain reliver recommended when you are pregnant. Good luck to you! :)



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