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Christmas Weekend, Round 2

Posted Dec 26 2011 12:00am

Wow, what a fun and exhausting Christmas we had this year :) I'm pretty sure that aside from being a little kid yourself there really isn't a better way to celebrate this holiday than with little kids of your own! On the night from the 23rd to the 24th, Amaya was up for the day at 4:15am - she was so excited for Christmas! I hadn't gotten to bed until midnight since we had hosted a Christmas dinner at our house for Bjorn's immediate family ... so I was one very tired mommy that day! Bjorn's sister and her family stayed with us through the weekend and the girls are just absolutely in love with their cousins (and their aunty and unlce!). Christmas time can be hard for me because I really miss my own family and our Christmases together in Germany ... and no the girls have lots of little cousins in Germany that they just don't see enough. And now that Bjorn is a pastor (with his busiest workday all year being Christmas!) it doesn't seem likely that we'll get to spend a Christmas in Germany any time real soon. But getting to spend time with Bjorn's sister and her family (as well as his parents, of course, which we thankfully get to see quite frequently) really is the next best thing. They are like family to me, and it brings me so much joy to see how much the girls love them as well.

I apologize in advance that virtually all of our pictures are from the kids opening presents! Even though we did spent a significant amount of time doing that (!), there is just so little chance to get good picutres of our Christmas dinners or the church service when you're trying to keep 4 little kids in line :)!

Here's the obligatory shot in front of the tree: Elias, Liana, Amaya

Liana holding baby Espen. She's taking her job quite seriously!
Presents! Playing with their new doctor's kit: The girls had asked for (and received!) lots of craft supplies and got busy right away:
Even though we don't make a big deal out of Santa (and make sure the girls understand the real reason behind Christmas!), we did tell them that Santa was going to come and fill their stocking. Overall, the girls were VERY excited about the idea of Santa. However, at bedtime on Christmas even, Liana was all of a sudden very concerned about the idea of Santa coming into our house while everybody was asleep. Somehow, the idea made her very uneasy to the point where she couldn't fall asleep ... so we had to tell Santa to please only pull into our driveway and leave the presents outside. :)

So here they are on Christmas morning, in front of their stockings. Amaya left, Liana right So here they are on Christmas morning, in front of their stocking: 
Both the girls and cousin Elias got a set of train tracks for Christmas, which was quite the hit! 
And here, an incredibly cute video of the 3 older cousins having fun with their new train tracks:

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