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Choice #3: Let your birth start on its own. – Enjoy Birth {day 29}

Posted Oct 29 2012 10:00am
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It is imperative that you know your care provider’s beliefs about their approach to inductions.  Talk to your care provider EARLY (your very NEXT appointment, even if you are only in your 1st or 2nd trimester) about this.  Their approach may require serious changes to your entire birth plan.

Why is this so important?  On the blog My OB said WHAT? , you can see this lovely comment:

“It’s SO weird that you’re in labor! I haven’t had a mom go into spontaneous labor in over a year!” -OB

What do you think the odds would be of YOU starting your birthing time on your own if you had this OB?

The odds would be pretty low and most likely you wouldn’t know until he was pressuring you to come in for an induction.  It is a challenge to change care providers that late in the game (though it is possible.)

So on your next visit; ask your care provider today these questions:

  • What percentage of moms do you induce?
  • When during a mom’s pregnancy do you like to induce?  (On average first time moms don’t start their birthing time on their own until 41 weeks 1 day!  So if the care provider doesn’t like moms going past 40 weeks and you are a first time mom, this is something to be aware of.)
  • For what reasons do you induce moms?
  • What drugs do you use to soften a cervix?  (If they say cytotec, misoprostol or miso ask if there are other options available, such as cervidil or a foley bulb.  Cytotec is NOT approved for use on pregnant women by the FDA and has been found to cause death in moms and babies.  Yet, it is used daily in hospitals all over the country.  Why?  It cost 10 cents a pill.)

Some people are beginning to ask “Why do OBs like inductions so much?” Why are they ignoring evidence based information and choosing to induce moms even when it isn’t medically indicated?  Indeed, this decision of whether or not to induce can have HUGE repercussions for your birth, and this is why I think you should ask questions about your care provider’s induction routine NOW.

However be aware some care providers do a bait and switch—they’ll say they will do one thing and then suddenly do another.  This happened with Angela, where she was told by one OB she would be able to go to 42 weeks before needing an induction and then was being pressured into an induction at 40 weeks, even though she and the baby were OK.  Click the link to read about Angela changing her care provider at 40 weeks , when he tried to pressure her into an unnecessary induction.

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