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Chlamydia after abortion? how

Posted by lilly24

Hello.. im 23 years old and iv been dating my bf for aout almost a year! we are vary close and talk about everything he got checked out b4 we started dating and he was neg.. then a  few months into are relationship everything was awesome .. then i got prego.. we bothing talked about it and i had a abortion my 1st and last i will never go threw that ever again bless my heart!! so are relationship could never be better and 2 months  down the road we both talked about everything . we both had a discharge and we had no clue were it came from he went to the dr and got tested wile he was there to make sure he was ok.. and he got tested pos for chlamydia and then i went to my obgyn and i got tested to and it came up pos then i went to the hospital and they tested me again and they said i had PID so they treated me for that.. i went hom to my bf in this crazy face then he asked how did we get this? we both were scared now its 4 months down the road we both got tested neg for a std but now we both have a discharge i would like to know how did we get this std could it be from the dr office were i got the abortion done could it be from the tools could it be from the bacteria from both of are bodys ? we both sit here and ask are slefs were did this come from can you help me out please thanks ever so much have a bless day!
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