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Chillin' in D.C.

Posted Mar 01 2012 4:30pm
Hey everyone! We have arrived in Washington D.C. right on time on Wednesday.

My day was filled with the Lord in little ways. Like:

(a) The boys and Abigail sleeping until my parents and I had everything ready to load up the car at 7am.

(b) The airline allowing Joan to accompany me through security and back by the gate until we boarded. So helpful! Makes me wonder how I do it by myself. 

(c) And most especially, a nice woman named Mary and her husband, whose name I did not catch. As I was boarding, they asked if we could use help. I almost declined (the old "I-can-do-it-myself-Wendi" rearing her ugly head) but Joan spoke up. "Yes they can," she said. Mary told Joan that she was saying good bye to her grandchildren in South Florida and would love to help us. They helped us board. They held Abigail when one of the boys had to go to the bathroom. (Although I did discover that I was capable of bringing Abigail and Elijah into the bathroom and helping him go to the bathroom and me go myself. Skills!) And she and her husband waited for us, even though we were in the back of the plane and they were in business class, and walked us all the way to the USO (military) lounge (quite a trek) where Amanda and her boys Wesley and Price were waiting for us.

(d) Having Amanda there for me. My day was hecitic but by midday we were comfortably chillin' at Ron & Amanda's house. We ordered Indian for dinner (my last supper) before we head out sometime tomorow.

No idea what time we will get into Turkey on Friday. However, stopping here in D.C. where we can sleep regular hours (unlike the way here where our sleep was turned around) is making it very nice.

Here are a few pictures from our time with Ron & Amanda. When this post goes up, we will already be in the air on our way to Turkey (I hope.) If you get this please continue to pray for us. I know the goodness we've experienced is truly due to the Lord making a way for us.

But she LOVED Mr. Ron (or old Chaplain when we were in Turkey.)
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