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CD36: Houston, we have embryos.

Posted Sep 27 2012 1:58pm

Thanks everyone for your patience yesterday. Yom Kippur is basically the holiest day of the year, so I was trying to stay offline as much as possible.

Egg retrieval went very, very well. We got to the clinic bright and early – a half-hour early, in fact – and chilled out for a bit while our donor completed some paperwork. Larry got to go do his thing while our donor and I just hung out in the waiting room. I won’t lie: this part of the process was kind of weird… knowing my husband was in the spank bank while we just sat and waited.

Also awkward? They called Larry AND another guy back at the same time. The walk of shame is one thing – the walk of shame with another dude is something else entirely.

Once Larry was done, they took our donor back to the surgical center. I went back with her to keep her company as they got her prepped. The anesthesiologist was hysterical: a total crazy cat dude. He had on a surgical hat covered in images of cats and showed us the Hello Kitty iPhone cover he had. I promptly pulled up my pants and showed him my lucky Hello Kitty socks I’ve been wearing to each appointment. We all took this as a fortuitous sign.

Our donor got changed into her hospital gown and surprisingly fashionable seersucker robe. (After her retrieval, we both schemed about how we could sneak in into her purse.) Our donor got to meet Dr. Warmenfriendly for the first and only time as he quickly ran through the procedure. It was time for her to head back so I gave her a huge hug.

As I stepped back out into the waiting room, I could feel my eyes well up with tears.

About a half hour later, Dr. Warmenfriendly came out. His face looked grim. After her ultrasound Monday, and all the stim delays we had, I wasn’t holding out home for anything more than maybe 10 eggs at best.

Dr. Warmenfriendly’s face broke into a huge smile. “We got twenty eggs.”

“Holy shit!” I couldn’t help myself. I was so genuinely shocked.

“She did great and she’s already awake and alert. You can come back and see her.”

Larry and I gave each other a huge hug while exchanging a few small woops, much to the confusion/annoyance of the other folks in the waiting room. We headed back to see our donor who was amazingly lucid and munching on animal crackers.

“I actually feel lighter,” she said. “Less bloated, too.”

We stopped on the way home to get her some breakfast, while Larry and I continued to fast in observance of Yom Kippur. After I got home, I sat around on a heating pad while my first PIO injection site was killing me, and promptly slept for the next four hours.

. . .

I wrote the above last night, after Yom Kippur was over and I had eaten and wasn’t a raging bitch. I was still floating on that high of a great egg retrieval and a really beautiful, wonderful dinner out with our donor.

We just got the fertilization report about 15 minutes ago.

Out of 20 eggs, only 6 fertilized.

I’m really at a loss here and trying desperately not to have a further meltdown than I’m already having right now. Larry is shocked and crushed. I’m just – a mess, right now. That’s really the best way to put it.

Transfer is scheduled for 8am Saturday.

I am praying – I mean, really praying – that all six make it to day 3.

The first round draft picks of 20 new players for Team Zoll were amazing, but in the end, only 6 have made it. Now let’s see if they can make it through playoffs…

Team Zoll embies, it’s time to hustle.

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