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CD30: Steady as she goes + Happy ICLW!

Posted Sep 21 2012 1:41pm

A quick bulleted post today because I’m running around like a madwoman today. If you’re here from ICLW, welcome, welcome! Come and stay awhile. I gots lots o’cool things around here.

New here? Here’s the scoop:

  • Hi! I’m Keiko. What’s up?
  • Married for almost 4 years to my high school sweetheart, Larry. He’s pretty effin’ amazing.
  • 2 cats: I’ve got ‘em. And I’m sorry, but they really are cuter than yours.
  • Ovaries: BUSTED! In fact, I only have one. I’ve got premature ovarian failure.
  • We’re starting our first donor egg IVF cycle THIS WEEK(!) with a known donor, a close friend of ours. Which brings me to…
  • Our donor went in for ultrasound this morning. Looks like the dosage increase has helped, but her follicles still aren’t where they’d like them to be yet. Apparently one ovary is responding better than the other.
  • Looks like our donor will need to stim through the weekend. Since she’s out of Gonal-F, we need order more. Right now, it’s looking like another $1300 for two more 900 unit pens. AWESOME. Depending on how her blood work goes tomorrow, she could trigger Sunday. If not, then possibly Monday night.
  • I’ve got acupuncture in an hour… and I’m really looking forward to it. I desperately need my needle nap after the stress (good stress + cycle anxiety) of this week.
  • Speaking of needles… I’ve given our donor some of her shots – and I’m really good at it. Whoda thunk this needlephobe would be comfortable giving shots to another human being? Apparently, I do them better than Larry: no bruising or bleeding and they don’t hurt as badly. So, i might be doing my own injections after all.
  • I’ve updated my Shop ! Lots new goodies from Circle+Bloom and bundles of my eBooks, including my newest title, THE YOU PROJECT .
  • Speaking of which, J from A Half Baked Life has posted the first review of my new eBook! I’m blushing. Thank you, J! Go send her some blog love for me, folks :)
  • Speaking of blog love, I’m going to send out a very special YOU PROJECT bonus – not included with THE YOU PROJECT eBook – to all of my eList subscribers tonight! Are you on my email list? If not, just scroll to the bottom of this post and click the link in the grey box or just click here . Voila! It’s that simple. I don’t spam, because spam is gross. But I do like to send some fun announcements and things from time to time.

Larry showed me this video this week and it’s been stuck in my head for days. Apparently, this is one of the internet’s latest new memes. I have no idea what it means. All I know is that PSY is a Korean recording artist, this video is in Korean, it’s catchy as hell and it’s HILARIOUS AS FUCK.

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