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CD19 Meets CD1: Wordless Wednesday

Posted Sep 12 2012 12:52pm

Big news, folks.

It’s officially our donor’s Cycle Day 1.


Team Zoll: Houston? Are we ready for launch?

Houston: Mission TZ3, you are cleared for launch. Begin countdown sequence.

That means tomorrow, she starts in on her box o’fertility drugs, including the many, many needles. I sent our friend a little note of encouragement this morning:


I had exactly the right number of needles, too.


And, because I have this sitting on my desk, I thought I’d share this hilarity. Here’s a picture of what our genetic child might have looked like:

What our "genetic" child might have looked like.

Science is amazing.

We took this in a photo booth back on July 27, 2008. (I only know this because it was date stamped.) This was a good 8 months before I was diagnosed and well before I knew anything was up. Even after all these years, we’ve held onto this photo. Bittersweet, yes – but we’re definitely at a place where we’ve moved beyond the grief and now this picture is just creepy, weird and funny to us.

If this photo was to be believed, it seems our kid would have ended up looking like a half-Japanese Justin Bieber.

Happy Hump Day, folks. I’m off to watch the iPhone event and wait for my clinic to call me back regarding this morning’s ultrasound results. Today is shaping up to be one excellent day.

Mission: Team Zoll 3 is officially a go!

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