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CCRM Cycle #1 - Day 2 ICSI Report

Posted May 04 2009 5:26pm
So it turns out that all 4 of the immature eggs that they retrieved on Saturday matured - I guess the last one matured after I got off the phone with the embryologist.

Well, so they ICSI'ed the 4 eggs and 3 fertilized ... so now we have 10 embryos!

I asked the embryologist if they find that day 2 ICSI'ed eggs are less chromosomally normal than those originallly mature at retrieval and she said they were still collecting data on that, but that they have definitely seen take home babies from day 2 ICSI'ed eggs - that was reassuring.

I asked her how they use the day 2 ICSI'ed embryos ... let's say I was able to make it to day 5 would they transfer any of the day 2 ICSI's as morulas? And she indicated that there are two scenarios for the day 2 ICSI's:

1. If you end up having a day 3 transfer, and you don't have enough embryos, they will transfer some or all of the day 2 ICSI's as well.
2. If you make it to day 5 they will transfer the blastocysts (day 1 or day 2 ICSI'd) and the remaining day 2 ICSI's will be evaluated for freeze.

The short of it is ... we have 10 embryos and we are praying that God will bless us with a normal embryo or two to transfer into my womb for a nice long, warm, comfy, cozy 9 month journey ... please continue to pray with us.
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