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Can you take the donor eggs nuclear dna out and replace with birth mothers nuclear dna so that the real genetic parents are birt

Posted by Mia

My husband has morals and stanards to not mix his genes with another womans genes but i hit menopause but want his child. I lost a son who was riding with a friend and another car hit them head on, my son surrived the crash but burned alive in the car as he had a crushed femur bone and the dash board was on his lap. This man who is in my life  now is absolutely wonderful and has made light in my life again. Is it possible to take my genetics or dna etc and put it in a donor egg of my daughter who is 18 and willing to give her egg to me, an take out her genetics or dna etc.. and have my husband who is not my daughters father to fertilize the egg?

If its possible and not done yet, maybe we could be the first to try it? Thank you with your help in answering this question.

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