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Can you still be pregnant if you have a light, late period, mild morning sickness, but have received two negative tests results?

Posted by CEP

I am sure I am just being paranoid, or reading too much into it, but I wanted to make sure that I can rule out pregnancy once and for all. I am 21 years old and not trying to conceive, but have been off the pill for about a year and a half (i know bad idea). I was happy being off the pill because I was not having unprotected sex, and my period resumed a regular 28 day cycle with minimal pms. I met my boyfriend this Spring, and him and I have been having unprotected sex using the pull-out method. My last menstrual period began on April 19th, and lasted about 6 days. I've done some math, and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex using the pull-out method frequently during my fertile window, May 2nd and 3rd. We took about 2 days off and after have frequently been at it all through out the month. I experienced some cramping the week before i was supposed to get my period, May 17th, 18th, or 19th, and though I felt like I was about to get my period any day, i did not start bleeding until May 23rd, day 35 in my cycle. The bleeding was bright red, and kind of watery. I expected it to be heavy because of how severe the cramps were, but it was actually sort of light, and i was able to use a regular tampon, which never happens the first two days of my period. Since the period has been very light, and has not smelled like my period. The blood has resumed the same bright red color, but now with some brown blood. It is so light that if I keep the regular tampon in all day, it still does not get filled up. 

The morning of May 24th I woke up at about 5:30 feeling extremely nauseous, and by 6 I was throwing up.  I have not thrown up since, but I ruled out expired food, and what I ate that night I make for myself all the time. Since the nausea has gotten progressively better at some points in the day, and now I more or less have light cramping in my upper abdomen, and bloating. I have aversions to smells sometimes like the way my conditioner makes my hair smell, it is much stronger than usual and I feel like I can smell my hair all the time, and it often makes me sick now. I also feel hungry and crave things at times and then almost immediatley  loose my appetite, and experience nauseous gas that makes me burp. Sometimes my heart rate and body temperature increases out of nowhere especially when lying down, and I get the feeling of butterflies in my stomach out of nowhere as well. My pms symptoms usually go away after I get my period, so it's unusual for me to still be experiencing bloating, gas, and constipation. Now some of the cramping comes in the form of slight sharp pains every so often around my abdomen and back.  I have been tired lately, but I smoke marijuana all the time, so that could factor into the fatigue. My boobs are tender, and a little bit sore, but nothing too note worthy.

I took a First Response pregnancy test in the afternoon on the 19th, and in the morning on the 25th, and both were negative. I don't think I am pregnant based on the results, and the fact that I am bleeding no matter how light it is. Could I just be looking into it too much, and it is causing my psyche to act up, or do you think there is still a possibility of pregnancy? I leave for Europe in a couple weeks, and just want to make sure I'm not pregnant before I go. Do you recommend seeing a doctor, or do you think I should wait until the start of my next cycle to rule it out completely? 

Thank you so much, and I apologize for the lengthiness of this question. 

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