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Can you still be pregnant if you bleed after the morning after pill ?

Posted by DontKnow

I had sex 47 hours before i took the morning after pill and the condom broke, and he already cummed inside me,  im not on the pill or anything so that was our only protection, i had bleeding about 10 days after taking the M.A.P(moring after pill) but it  was a bit heavy, i havnt been eating lately and i am 5 days late for my period .

could i still be pregnant ? 

Answers (4)
Sort by: Newest first | Oldest first are supposed to bleed after taking the pill.  The purpose is to drastically increase your hormone levels and then have it drop- which will trigger the shedding of the uterine lining- its called a withdrawl bleed. Without a uterine lining there isn't anything for a potential embryo to attach to.


You also aren't late for your period... the bleed you were talking about was the beginning of a new cycle so you count from the first day of full red flow...

so is that 100% not pregnant ?
yup based on the info you gave me
How early do you start to show?
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