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can you get pregnant two weeks before your period and still have a period?

Posted by momof twoboys

i had unprotected sex one week after my period. then my period came two weeks early. can i still be pregnant?
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Did you have a confirmed pregnancy via home pregnancy test/blood beta draw?

So just so I make sure I am getting it straight:

You do not have any test saying that you were pregnant.

You started your period 14 days after your last day of unprotected sex. 

Your period was two weeks early. 


My questions are: 

Do you have regular cycles? Do you know if you ovulate? If so do you know when you ovulate?

Was your bleed full red flow? was it brown? how long did the bleeding last?  Are you/Were you on birth control?

Yes I have regular cycles.  Yes I ovulate.  I ovulate around this time.  My bleed flow was consistent with my regular period, red not brown. I've been bleeding for 2 day, heavy flow.  I havn't been on birth control since 2000
i had sex exactly 14 days before my period and i still got it, it seemed normal to me but i still got pregnant so its possible if thats the answer your lookin for.
lea did u get pregnant afer having sex 14days before your period as i did and i dont know if i could get pregnant?
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