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Can you get pregnant on the last day of your period and on a 23 day cylce?

Posted by Babyjay

Hi, My husband and I have been ttc. and we did have interecourse on sunday. sunday was suppose to be the last day of my period but for some reason it is still going. 9 days so far verylight and some what pink now, and almost sticky kinda look to it. now with that being said can you get pregnant and why wont this period stop when it always does with in 5 days. i just started having cramps yesterday and i have not been able to stay asleep at night. still moody, face is breaking out which never has happened before, nipples are very sentivce, i have gained weight almost 5 pounds since sept. i am still bloated. pee alot more. headaches, blurred vision, fainty feeling, dizzy, i need advise on this. my husband and i misscarried a month ago, and we do have 3 kids already. thanks.
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It depends on how long your bleed lasts and how that relates to your ovulation (and thus fertile window).

Also the miscarriage could be what is causing the abnormal bleed (abnormal compared to what is normal for you- not in a way that is somehow dangerous to your general health).

A "sticky" kind of discharge won't allow for semen to survive the acidity of the vaginal canal and it is also it is highly unlikely that ovulation has even happened at that point.

Do you know when you ovulate?

well back in aug on the 28 i had an ultrasound, and the doc said that i would have release an the first week of sept. and i was still bleeding that first week, so i dont know forsure, i do know that i had that slimy discharge for about a month and two days into this period. so i guess i dont know.
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