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can you get pregnant a week before your period?

Posted by kre_561

i got my period december 3rd. it usually lasts 3-5 days. it doesnt always come on time. i know im suppose to get it in a week or 2. on the 26th i used the restroom and noticed light pinkish blood. i thought my period was going to come on so i took the necessary precautions but a couple hrs later there was no more blood. that night i had unprotected sex and he didnt withdraw. what are my chances of being pregnant?
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unless you have an extremely short luteal phase (which in itself would make pregnancy extremely difficult) then no.

However, if (as you say) your bleeds don't always start on a regular schedule and you said you had unprotected sex then the possiblility  is there (which for a healthy couple)- 25% chance per cycle to get pregnant.


I am assuming that you don't know when you ovulate ?

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