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can you get pregnant 3 days before ovulation?

Posted by rj

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Yes...conception odds are high provided there are no known issues (feritlity wise).


The three days prior to, day of and day after ovulation is the woman's fertile window.

so its like a forsure thing that you can get pregnant 2 days before your ovulation date ???
my ovulation dates was the 12/20-12/24.and i had sex with my boyfriend 3 days before i ovulated. could there be a strong possible that i could be pregnant?

Mehkmehk and lilbit2010-

first you have to determine when your ovulation happened seeing as your fertile window centers around that day.  Like I said before- if you have unprotected sex in your fertile window then the chances of you getting pregnant is the same as those couple who are trying for a child (provided you or your partner don't have reprductive issues):  25% chance a cycle... there is no sure fire answer to say you are or aren't pregnant until you have missed the day of your expected bleeds to begin.

i had unprotected sex on 29th and i ovulated on the there any chance of pregnancy?
i had unprotected sex on the 29th and i ovulated on the 1st. is there any chance of pregnancy? has this happened to anyone.
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